Your wedding day is such a special moment, and capturing it perfectly is my top priority. As your photographer, I want to make sure that every moment is captured beautifully, and that's why I recommend considering a second shooter at your wedding. While one photographer can do a great job, having a second shooter ensures that every aspect of your day is captured.

One area where a second photographer would be vital is if both you and your partner want getting ready photos at different locations. Covering both of you getting ready with just one photographer is rarely possible if this is something important and sentimental to you.

During the ceremony, for example, one photographer can focus on you two lovebirds, while the other can capture the reactions of your guests. This way, you'll have a complete collection of images that tell the story of your special day.

Another great thing about having a second shooter is that they can cover different angles and perspectives. It adds depth and variety to your photos, making them even more special. Plus, having two photographers means that more moments can be captured at the same time. While one photographer is taking formal family portraits, the other can capture candid moments of your guests enjoying the cocktail hour.

This ensures that every moment of your wedding is captured, from the formal to the fun. Overall, having a second shooter at your wedding is a smart choice. It makes sure that every moment is captured from multiple angles and perspectives, and that nothing is missed.

As a photographer, I recommend this option to my clients, and it's always a decision they're happy they made. So, if you're planning your wedding, think about hiring a second shooter for a stress-free and complete photographic experience.

If you're reading this as a current client of mine wondering if you can add a second shooter. This can be added anytime leading up to the wedding! However, the closer you choose to add I cannot guarantee my second shooters will be available. So act fast if it's a priority for you.

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